Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Power of FOCUS and Why it Will Either Make Or Break Your Efforts

Many people are under the assumption that making money online is straightforward and nice and easy. There are SO many sales letters showing the pictures of fast cars and holiday snaps with the system seller advising he/she continues to make money without doing much work. This leads the reader to the false conclusion that all that is necessary is to sit in a chair for a few hours and click some buttons.

Whilst for the experienced online entrepreneur it could be described as an easy process - for those getting started it is often anything but. When newbies buy into a system that promises them ease (and assuming it is not one of the many scams out there) and they are not earning money quickly frustration rapidly sets in. The resulting dwindling focus can cause the individual to quit or look for a better and "easier" system.

If you buy into a system that is genuine the real key is to take CONSISTENT action - an hour a day or whatever you can manage will rapidly build up and in a less than a month will become a new habit. To stay focused define what your realistic goals are - yes some people make 6 figures a day - but starting out that is highly unlikely to be you.

When you sit down to work each day for your allotted time ensure you will be free of distractions. Chatting to a friend about who is going to win the latest reality TV show via MSN messenger is NOT work! Shutdown all your instant messengers and social networking sites and take action towards your goal.

You may find it useful at the end of each day to write 3-5 things on a small card you MUST do the following day in your allotted time for your new business. Then, when you sit down simply go through each item on the list. If you do not get them all done - that is nothing to beat yourself up over - as you have ALREADY taken action! Simply make those item(s) the top item(s) for the next day. This is a very simple technique but it is VERY powerful.

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