Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keys to Success in Your Career

Many people think that in order to be successful in finding work they need to have experience before applying for a job. In today's work force, that is becoming less of a factor in the decision making process of employers looking for quality employees. One of the most useful tools in any profession is the skill of being positive and dependable. Most people looking to climb the ladder of success, struggle and worry about not having enough skills when starting out or trying to land a new job. In my time spent as a manager & supervisor, the most important qualities in an employee or applicant is the ability to show a positive, never give up mindset and willingness to do their best. Skills and experience can be learned over time but without a solid foundation, it can be a tough road to follow on the path to success. No matter how small or insignificant a job may be, those who do the best they can with effort and positive attitude will reap the benefits that build a pattern of true skills and experience.

With today's current economy, it is a tough time for young people to find a job opening where they can gain the experience needed to start a career. I have found that the best quality to remember, is make yourself known as a person willing to take on any task that needs to be accomplished. Anyone can be trained or have knowledge for a job, but being there to work and ready, is the most important asset. The most highly skilled worker is of no use to a company or business if they are not there every single day.

First Goal for Success

So our first goal to strive for after starting a new job, is the ability to consistently be to work and show your willingness to take on any task at hand. It is amazing to me as a supervisor how many times I see this being less important to new employees. In today's world there is a large pool of workers that are ready to have their chance, and being there to fill a need every day is the best way to stay ahead. What most people fail to realize is that even simple jobs that seem meaningless, are building blocks you can use to exhibit your character and value for bigger things down the road. Make yourself be the answer to problems or needs and not the cause of them.

Second Goal for Success

Becoming an valuable member of a work environment is our next goal on the path to success. Many times I witness people assigned a task and go at it half-heartedly only to fall short of completing the job. Nothing is more frustrating and costly than finishing up where another has left little things incomplete. Try your best to do a task better than what was expected, and you will become a valuable resource for any work situation. If you treat your job as something important to you, it will make you become important to those you wish to impress. Remember to be better than what is expected and in time more doors of opportunity will be opened for you.

Third Goal for Success

Our third and final goal is to become a team player. Most every success story where a group of people are involved, gains their success from team effort. When you are a valuable member of a team, being an example and positive influence will help everyone become winners. It can be a tough skill to work with a group of individuals and get ahead, but the effort put into blending with others will pay off. I have found in my experience that treating those around me with respect and a willingness to work together in harmony, is best for all. If you show the ability to make yourself a team player, your goals will become easier to achieve and you may also find others looking to you as a leader and important asset of any successful work team. These simple goals have been my best tools for success in becoming a supervisor, and also have been very valuable in my personal life as well. Every employer in today's job market can find people to fill a position, but if you can show these three qualities in your work history or in your attitude with others, this is what every employer looks for and needs. With this solid foundation, your skills and experience will be less important in landing a new job, but your value as an asset to a new position will become your best tool on the road to your success.

Kelly started as a clean-up and helper in a manufacturing business, and with these tools he has used as his guide, became a manager and supervisor of the Machine Shop where he works. He now is involved with a new venture in online home business and is happy to help or advise anyone interested on starting their own home business. Kelly also owns and operates a small horse ranch called Buck Creek Fjords.

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