Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Start an Internet Business

So you've made a decision to start a business on the Internet, but what are you going to sell? Are you going to sell your own product, and how do you decide what that will be? What niche will that be in?

Before answering any of these questions you need to sit down and decide firstly, why do you want to start an Internet business.

Most people aren't rational when it comes to marketing decisions in an Internet business. A typical newcomer to Internet Marketing is strapped for cash and needs to make money immediately. The ads that promise instant riches are really attractive when you are broke, the sales person recognizes your situation and seems to be offering a solution to all your problems. You sign up there and then, paying money for a dream. When it comes down to the harsh reality, you have just paid for a business in an area you know nothing about and because you are desperate for instant cash you move on to the next promising sales pitch. You are the marketers dream!

If you are in desperate need of money, you should sort out your finances before starting an Internet business. If you have your financial life sorted out you will be in a position to build your business slowly and steadily to prepare the ground for a solid reliable income in the future. No Internet business will give you overnight riches. More than likely, you will spend a fortune on advertising and buying leads that don't deliver there promises and end up more desperate for cash than ever.

Firstly, decide what area you want to market. If you have a particular interest such as dogs, it would be wise to do some research into this niche. If you have an interest in a particular niche and some knowledge you have more to offer someone searching for information in your particular field of interest. People are searching the Internet for information and they mostly want this information to be free. So you provide this information, perhaps in the form of a free ebook and receive their name and email address. Now you can keep in contact, offering information and building up trust and respect. Once you have the trust and respect you could offer a product, something you know will capture the interest of your prospect. If you have been offering free information on dog grooming for instance, you could eventually offer the grooming products at a reduced price. They will think this offer is just for them. It's a long process but building up that trust means you may gain a good customer who will trust you and buy from you.

Whilst building a website in your particular niche, you could also become an affiliate marketer selling other peoples products for a generous commission. The products you promote should be in the same niche as your website. If you are building up traffic to your website promoting dog related information, then that traffic will primarily be interested in dog related products.

An Internet business is a good way to earn extra cash online but takes time to build a solid income. It is not a way to get rich overnight and anyone who promotes a business this way should be avoided.

By Linda A Green

Owner of If you want your own website, 6 streams of tested income and training visit me at my website.

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