Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marketing and Advertising Tools

Many advertising and marketing tools can be found on the internet and many have the same system design for helping draw traffic to your website and affiliate ads. As I have searched for unique ways to advertise, I have found a few that are different and seem to help. Here is a list of the programs and tools that I use and have found them to be user friendly and all for free.

List Jumper is a great tool where you read e-mails from others and in turn you gain credits that allow you to jump over others in the list and then send advertising e-mails to those in the list under you. As a free member you can send up to 100 e-mails every three days. List Jumper is the first list building site EVER where it doesn't matter when you join, because you can improve your position daily by "jumping" over other members so you will have more people after you to mail your offers to!

InstantBuzz is a unique way to gain free advertising for your website. You install a tool bar which will fit in your browser and it will display simple online ads. Every time you surf the web and open something in your browser an new ad appears. When an ad is displayed on your browser, your ad will be displayed on another web browser. The ads are not large and is a very effective way to get your ads displayed for others to see. I highly recommend this tool for effortless advertising, with nothing to do but surf the web for automatic ads.

List Sufing is similar to List Juumper but instead of only sending e-mails to others you also get banner and text ads too. Along with reading e-mails you can surf the internet and see other websites and gain advertising credits. While you surf for credits you will see small ads in the header of the page and this is where your banner or text ads will appear when you use your ad credits. So this is highly useful as you can send e-mails and have ads on other browsers for a double useful tool.

is the latest blog traffic tool I have joined. This appears to be a great idea for fellow bloggers to connect and share unique traffic. You join and then install a code on your blog layout section and it will randomly display other google blogs along with wordpress blogs too. When this is on your blog, it will put your blog link on others websites too.
While TrafficMomentum displays eight links, six of them are used for promoting other blogs. One is a selected link to support the operation of this free blog promotion service - and the last one is your TrafficMomentum link bringing you new links on other blogs. Your links will stay on other people's blogs permanently - bringing you constant free traffic.

So these are my favorite tools to use and hope they can help you too. Best of Luck!

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